The Longet Journey v2.0

Back again with another Illustration. This time I wanted to redesign a thumbnail I did time ago but I wasn’t happy enought with the final result (you can see it two posts above this one).

So, for the Re-design I was wondering the best option to choose between this rounds of Thumbnails I did. I decided to look up vertical composition using Rule or Thirds and Golden Ratio, since the final illustration I think will have vertical lines and could help to reinforce the highness of the Robot compared to the environment and the guy that control it.

A the end, I chose the second one. I don’t think that was the best of all thumbnail but I felt that I could have something good to show at the end. So you can see the final results:

Finally, I am going to share the videos with the process of making the image, from the thumbnails to the final retouches. Hope you enjoy and learn much about it.

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