Thumbnails for Shot Concept

This time I have come with some thumbnails. The main idea is to complete each one of them. For the inspiration I have used some of the drescriptions I have already wroten in my notes. Following are the descriptions:  

Longest Journey 
Sunlight scene (contrast) in a desert environment. A man is seen on top of a dune and is coming into the camera direction. Back of the man, Is a huge-rising (only the upper part of the body is seen at that moment, the back part is been hiding with the dune in front) robot that goes in the same direction as the man.  
Speedy Woman 
  Night-scene in a Cyberpunk environment. In the foreground there is a sexy-woman that is mounted on a motorbike. The vehicle has a very cool design and it really seems like a mecha having arms and legs holding the wheels. There are reflections everywhere and neon lights in all over the places. 
Cyber Laws 
A rainy mid-night scene in a post-apocalyptic world someone is walking down the street. The street is plenty of small shops, bright and colourful lights with lot of people in all places. He is wearing a brown coat and just in his right arm could be seen a small cyber-hand. There are some police cars in the surrounded and robots watching and controlling the walking people. This cyberpunk world has no mercy with this humanoid people.
These descriptions allow me to don’t think so much in the storytelling, environment and characters since I have already well defined the main points for the shots. When I am doing the thumbnails I am only concentrate in composition, values and design. Here is the result for this shots:
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